Meet Ged Kennett

J&L Hardware is excited to offer the incredible handmade and bespoke design of Ged Kennett.

Over the last 15 years Ged has been working to refine traditional blacksmithing and metalworking techniques in order to make high quality, beautifully finished architectural and furniture fittings. Ged Kennett's Foundry also offers incredible Bespoke

Ged works in stainless steel and brass; producing a variety of finishes. Offering 8 finishes.

All of Ged's works are individually handmade within the grounds of Nettlecombe Court, an ancient country estate on the edge of Exmoor, in south west England.

A sampling of Ged Kennett line below-

Handmade Collection

Ged Kennett Handmade Collections

Ged Kennett Handmade

Ged Kennett Handmade


Bespoke Design

Ged Kennett Bespoke

Ged Kennett Bespoke


Ged Kennett Bespoke


The Nettlecombe Court

Ged Kennett

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